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SinuCleanse Neti Pot

Med-Systems, Inc., manufactures and markets the SinuCleanse® nasal wash system to help
relieve painful symptoms for the 70-million Americans currently suffering from sinus problems.

Med-Systems, Inc., was founded in 1997 by Dave Gallo and Dr. Diane Heatley, a leading ear, nose and throat physician based in Madison, Wisconsin. One of Dr. Heatley’s nurses, who was studying yoga at the time, introduced the neti pot nasal wash to Dr. Heatley. Intrigued, Dr. Heatley began using it in her practice and now recommends it nearly every day to both children and adults who suffer from sinus disease.

Traditionally, neti pots are manufactured in ceramic or glass. These tend to break, particularly
when used by children whose hands are slippery with water and may drop them in unforgiving
locations like the bathroom sink. To address this, Dr. Heatley helped develop the SinuCleanse®
System's first product, the SinuCleanse® Neti Pot– an unbreakable plastic version of the traditional
yoga nasal washing pot, complete with pre-packaged instructions for use and 100% all-natural
pharmaceutical-grade dry saline ingredients.

The SinuCleanse® System was first launched in pharmacies in and around Wisconsin.
Bolstered by scientific research and positive word of mouth, sales of the product were so
successful in Wisconsin Walgreen’s stores, that the retailer expanded the product’s availability
to stores in 5,227 locations and 44 states.

The SinuCleanse® System is now available at leading retailers nationwide including, CVS,
Duane Reade, Longs Drugs, Kroger and many other fine pharmacies, drug stores and health
food stores. Click here for a complete list of retailers near you. You may also purchase the
SinuCleanse® System through our online store and look for our downloadable coupons for discounts.

Following the success of the SinuCleanse® Neti Pot, Med-Systems, Inc. introduced the
SinuCleanse® Squeeze®
for those who prefer using positive pressure to wash their sinuses.
Patent-pending anti-backflow technology was first introduced in the SinuCleanse® Squeeze® and is now available in the entire product line.

Med-Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin and has operations and distribution
throughout the United States, Canada, and South Africa.

To keep up on fun Nose News and the latest studies on nasal washing, check out our SinuCleanse® Facebook and @SinuCleanse Twitter page.

MedSystems, Inc.


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